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About Us


Brightlx is a leading ODM&OEM manufacturer of LED lenses, specializing in customized optical solutions for a wide range of LED lighting applications. We can offer LED lens design, Prototype, mold tooling, and injection service. With our LED optics R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we can help you and your brand stand out from the competition. Whatever the scale of your project, Brightlx can support you in developing the most cost-effective optical solution. We can take your initial conceptual ideas and support you through design and development all the way to manufacturing. Equally, we are able to take your fully designed solution and turn this into a real product.

Our team excel in providing bespoke LED lens solutions tailored to specific lighting project requirements, especially in optical design for outdoor lighting. If you have a custom LED lens idea and need an ODM&OEM manufacturing partner to help develop and deliver it, our team can help make that happen.

Development Path

Establishment date
LED Secondary lens customized project
Aquare meter factory area
Long-standing client

Why Choose Us

  • An outstanding optics engineers team
  • Rich-experience structure and mold engineer team
  • High-precision and well-equipped with CNC,EDM,EMD, Polise machine
  • Flexible solution of mold inserts of changing

Company Overview

Production Machine List

Yongjin high-speed CNC 5 sets
Yujie ordinary CNC 2 sets
Milling Machine 5 sets
High-speed CNC lathes 2 sets
YuQing Precision Grinding 7 sets
WEDM 3 sets
Sodick precision EDM 1 set
Mirror polishing machine 2 sets

75 tons precision injection molding machine 2 sets
Chen Hsong 120-180 tons injection molding machine 20 sets
Chen Hsong 200-360 tons injection molding machine 20 set
Chen Hsong 480 tons injection molding machine 1 set
Manipulator 11 sets
Mold temperature machine 11 sets
Vacuum Dryer 2 sets

Test Equiments list

1M integrating sphere 1 set
Optic testing machine 1 set
Illuminometer 1 set
Stressmeter 1 set
Laser Interferometer 1 set
Surface photometer 1 set
Binocular microscope 1 set
2D measuring detection equipment 1 set

Company Departments

Administration Dept
Design and Engineering Dept
Manufacturing and Production Dept
Quality Assurance and Testing Dept
Sales and Marketing Dept
Purchasing Dept
Packing&Shipping Dept

Our Advantages

  • Sign NDA for the project
    Confidentiality Agreement Safeguarding Client Design Information
  • Fexibility and Adaptability
    Meet specific needs and diverse requirements
  • Competitive R&D Cost
    Free optics design; Free simulation; Free prototype
  • Fast Lead Time
    10 days of design optics; 10 days of prototype; 30 days of bulk mold

We design for

Brightlx Optics is a leading manufacturer focused on LED lens CUSTOMIZATION, we can offer LED lens design, Prototype, mold tooling, and injection service. We have been servicing more than 2500 client cases, with more than 150 long-term partners, each month R&D ability is 60 LED optics mold cases. So we have very rich experience and optics technology to support our customised market, we will think from the project to keep the optics solution is the best choice, and effective communication will help keep the project going smoothly.




Phone: +86 13714576491 (Jessica)
WhatsApp: +86 15224557331 (Ina)
Office Address: 409 Building C, Zone A, HuaMeiJu Business Center, BaoAn District, Shenzhen 518102 China
Factory Address: F Building,G Zone, GongHe Third Industry Park,Shajing, BaoAn District,Shenzhen 518104 China
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