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LED optics knowledge

  • [LED optics knowledge] Exploring The Innovation And Advantages of LED Lens Mold Technology
    In recent years, LED lighting has gained immense popularity due to its energy efficiency and long lifespan. To enhance the performance and versatility of LED lights, manufacturers have been investing in innovative technologies. One such advancement is the development of LED lens molds. This article
  • [LED optics knowledge] The Role of Ejector Pins in LED Lens Injection Molds
    The ejector pin plays a crucial role in LED lens injection molding.Its main functions include:1. Sealing the injection portwhen the mold is closed, seals the injection port to prevent leakage or overflow of the injected material, ensuring smooth injection molding process.2. Controlling material flow
  • [LED optics knowledge] How To Match Different Lenses for Stadium Lights in Different Locations?
    As we all know, the excessive glare and overflow of stadium lighting not only affect the quality of the game, but also bring discomfort to the spectators and the surrounding environment. Matching LED optics for stadium lights in different locations involves considering various factors to achieve opt
  • [LED optics knowledge] What Should Be Noted When Designing Optical Lenses for Sports Lights?
    Hot tags: sports lights, optical lenses, China, Customized, custom, OEM, manufacturing company, manufacturers, suppliers, factory
  • [LED optics knowledge] How To Design A Polarized LED Street Light Lens?
    Designing optical lens for street lights involves careful consideration of various optical and mechanical factors. Here are the key steps and factors to pay attention to in the optical design of such a lens: 1. Understand the Requirements:Define the specific requirements of the street lighting appli
  • [LED optics knowledge] How To Reduce LED Lens UGR?
    UGR (Unified Glare Rating) is a measure used to evaluate the discomfort caused by glare from luminaires in indoor lighting. Uniform glare value is one of the main contents of lighting quality evaluation in lighting design. UGR is not only a visual problem, but also a design and application problem.
  • [LED optics knowledge] What Are The Advantages of Hot Runner Technology?
    What are the Advantages of hot runner technology?1. Save raw materials and reduce costs.2. Shorten molding cycle and improve machine efficiency.3. Improve the surface quality and mechanical properties of products.4. Point gates can be used without using three-plate molds.5. It can economically form
  • [LED optics knowledge] What Is Hot Runner System?
    As a common part of the injection mold system, the plastic in the runner and gate is kept in a molten state by heating. Since there are heating rods and heating rings near or in the centre of the runner, the entire runner from the nozzle outlet of the injection molding machine to the gate is in a hi
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