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High Performance LED lens OEM/ODM

LED Optics Customization Process

We Help LED Lighting Brands Develop And Customize Unique LED Lens

Custom LED optics solutions offered by Brightlx effectively address key challenges in LED lighting, including luminous efficiency, uniformity, light distribution angle, and glare. By precisely redistributing light to targeted areas, our solutions maximize energy-saving efficiency for your project.

Brightlx specializes in designing a wide range of lighting scenes based on Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV, and Type V distributions. We tailor LED lenses to match various sizes of 5050LEDs, 3535LEDs, 3030LEDs, and 2835LEDs, sourced from leading brands such as Cree, Lumileds, Samsung, and more. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to design LED lenses according to the IES or LDT optical files provided by you.

Take Your Fully Designed LED Optics Solution And Turn It Into A Real Product

Brightlx is equipped to turn your design into a reality with precision and efficiency. We do the design for manufacture(DFM), mold analysis, to solve the issues that may happen in production.

Our injection molding capabilities cover a wide range of sizes, from 80T to 480T, ensuring that we can produce optics parts of various dimensions while maintaining the highest levels of precision and quality. Mold workshop is fully equipped with CNC, milling, and grinding machines, allowing us to seamlessly handle your OEM project from mold creation to the injection process.

Tailor LED lens molds precisely to your specifications

As a leading manufacturer specializing in customized LED lenses, we're excited to expand our services to bespoke LED lens mold.(Mold Export)
With years of experience catering to the custom market, we excel in LED lens mold development, ensuring tailored solutions to meet unique needs.
Our team has the expertise to accommodate various design preferences and specifications. Whether it's shape, size, or specific features, we can adapt our designs to meet the needs of diverse projects.

We conduct rigorous testing and validation procedures to ensure that our LED lens molds meet the highest performance, reliability, and durability standards.

Looking for a reliable LED lens OEM/ODM partner? Reasons to Choose Us

Brightlx Optics is a leading manufacturer focused on LED lens CUSTOMIZATION, we can offer LED lens design, Prototype, mold tooling, and injection service. We have been servicing more than 2500 client cases, with more than 150 long-term partners, each month R&D ability is 60 LED optics mold cases. So we have very rich experience and optics technology to support our customised market, we will think from the project to keep the optics solution is the best choice, and effective communication will help keep the project going smoothly.




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