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  • [LED optics knowledge] Exploring The Innovation And Advantages of LED Lens Mold Technology
    In recent years, LED lighting has gained immense popularity due to its energy efficiency and long lifespan. To enhance the performance and versatility of LED lights, manufacturers have been investing in innovative technologies. One such advancement is the development of LED lens molds. This article
  • [Lighting Fair] BRIGHTLX at GILE 2023 in Guangzhou, China | Booth 17.1 A56
    We're thrilled to inform you that our company will attend Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition tomorrow! Booth:17.1 A56Date: 9th -12th June 2023Welcome all friends to visit our booth to see our newly developed standard lenses and get some professional optical solutions advice.
  • [LED optics knowledge] The Role of Ejector Pins in LED Lens Injection Molds
    The ejector pin plays a crucial role in LED lens injection molding.Its main functions include:1. Sealing the injection portwhen the mold is closed, seals the injection port to prevent leakage or overflow of the injected material, ensuring smooth injection molding process.2. Controlling material flow
  • [Company news] How Brightlx Goes Step by Step From Optical Design, Production, To Testing?
    Glad to share a video show how Brightlx goes step by step from optical design, LED lens production, to testing.Click on the link to know more: Brightlx, we are not just a manufacturer. We are a creator,sculpting LED OPTICS with meticulous
  • [Lighting Fair] The 31st International Lighting Equipment Fair
    Brightlx, as a leading LED lens customization company, recently participated in The 31st International Lighting Equipment Fair held in January 2024. This prestigious event brought together industry professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts from around the globe to showcase the latest advancements a
  • [Company news] Add A New 400T Injection Molding Machine for Led Lens Production
    Good news, Brightlx add a new 400T injection molding machine. We now have a total of 40 injection molding machines in our factory. From 80 to 480 tonnes, we have more production advantages of LED lens.1. Wide range of production: optical parts with different sizes and more complex shapes can be mold
  • [Company news] Bespoke Big LED Optics Cover
    Application:These customized Big LED Optics Cover can be used for canopy fixtures, wall pack lights, high bay, street lights, etc. They can be well suited to meet the scene's requirements regarding glare, uniformity, light distribution direction, and so on.Equipment:We have injection molding machine
  • [Company news] Ready To Take Your Project To The Next Level with Customized Waterproof Lenses?
    Here are some customized IP67 waterproof-rated LED lens cases we have done before, the IP67 rating signifies that the LED lens is not only dust-tight but can also allow for short-term immersion under specific conditions. This level of protection ensures that the lens excels in a variety of challengi
  • [Company news] Optimize LED Lighting Distribution For Tunnels
    Tunnel Lighting is the most technical and fundamentally broad one of all lighting applications. Beam directions, lux levels, luminance, and illuminance levels, etc. High-effective tunnel and underpass lighting require consistent light levels throughout the structure for safe passage. Based on previo
  • [LED optics knowledge] How To Match Different Lenses for Stadium Lights in Different Locations?
    As we all know, the excessive glare and overflow of stadium lighting not only affect the quality of the game, but also bring discomfort to the spectators and the surrounding environment. Matching LED optics for stadium lights in different locations involves considering various factors to achieve opt
  • [Company news] Employing Diverse Tonnage Injection Molding Machines for A Variety of Lenses.
    Hello, everyone, we are thrilled to introduce how we use diverse tonnage injection moulding machines for a variety of LED lenses in Brightlx Optical Limited. 80T Injection Molding Machine:Ideal for small-sized lens production with limited capacity. Primarily used for small-scale or sample manufactur
  • [Company news] Exploring Custom LED Optical Lens Solutions?
    Our experience spans all phases of product design, tooling design, plastic injection molding, plastic injection manufacturing, plastic part assembly & the use of rapid prototyped parts & molds production & other known techniques of prototyping.Whether you are designing a new LED light fixture from s
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Brightlx Optics is a leading manufacturer focused on LED lens CUSTOMIZATION, we can offer LED lens design, Prototype, mold tooling, and injection service. We have been servicing more than 2500 client cases, with more than 150 long-term partners, each month R&D ability is 60 LED optics mold cases. So we have very rich experience and optics technology to support our customised market, we will think from the project to keep the optics solution is the best choice, and effective communication will help keep the project going smoothly.




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