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Brightlx’s Optical Customized Solutions for Greater Traffic Safety

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No tunnel is unique. Local conditions and needs will naturally vary, requiring precisely matched optical solutions. High-lumen output LEDs provide optimum visibility. Glare should be controlled to the minimum to ensure maximum visual comfort in the tunnel and uniform lighting helps drivers to see the road conditions clearly and avoid traffic accidents.

A customized lens is a good choice for you! Based on previous tunnel light lens projects and research, we have rich experience to support your LED OPTICS project! Any interest, welcome to contact me for further discussion!


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Brightlx Optics is a leading manufacturer focused on LED lens CUSTOMIZATION, we can offer LED lens design, Prototype, mold tooling, and injection service. We have been servicing more than 2500 client cases, with more than 150 long-term partners, each month R&D ability is 60 LED optics mold cases. So we have very rich experience and optics technology to support our customised market, we will think from the project to keep the optics solution is the best choice, and effective communication will help keep the project going smoothly.




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