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Customize Unique LED Lens, LED Optics Component For Outdoor Lighting And Indoor Lighting

Rectangle Led Lens

This 60-degree LED lens array is one of the common customized projects at Brightlx, which is a specific optical component designed to shape the light emitted by LEDs into a desired beam pattern with a 60-degree spread. These lenses are commonly used in various lighting applications to control the direction and distribution of light.

Plastics LED cover provides a relatively wide beam, suitable for applications where broad illumination is desired, such as outdoor area lighting or architectural lighting.

It’s commonly made from high-quality optical materials such as polycarbonate or acrylic. These materials offer excellent optical properties, durability, and resistance to environmental factors.

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Component: LED lens with Elliptical optical

Dimention: customized

Height : customized

Fastening: pin, screw

Type: Multi-lens

Material: PMMA / PC

Colour: clear

Rectangle led lens

60-degree led lensrectangle lensplastics led lens

Brightlx’s R&D team is professional in designing the plastics led lens for various LED lighting applications, such as narrow, medium and wide light distribution. We can successfully mitigate the challenges posed by glare and overflow in LED lighting. If you have a custom LED lens idea and need an ODM/OEM manufacturing partner to help develop and deliver it, our team can help make that happen. With our LED optics R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we can help you and your brand stand out from the competition.

Are you ready to transform your LED lighting with bespoke LED lens solutions? Contact us to start a conversation about your project requirements!

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Brightlx Optics is a leading manufacturer focused on LED lens CUSTOMIZATION, we can offer LED lens design, Prototype, mold tooling, and injection service. We have been servicing more than 2500 client cases, with more than 150 long-term partners, each month R&D ability is 60 LED optics mold cases. So we have very rich experience and optics technology to support our customised market, we will think from the project to keep the optics solution is the best choice, and effective communication will help keep the project going smoothly.




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