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Custom Type Ⅳ Medium LED lens for LED Street Lights

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Glad to share a custom Type IV Medium LED lens specifically for Seoul 3030 LEDs for LED street lights.

LED lens for Seoul 3030 LEDs

1. Type IV Medium Light Distribution Pattern

The Type IV distribution pattern is rectangular, providing a wider lateral distribution and is suitable for illuminating larger roadways and parking areas. It ensures uniform light distribution across the width of the road and sidewalk, with minimal light spillage towards the sides.

2. Optical Design and Beam Angle

The lens should have a medium beam angle optimized for the Seoul 3030 LEDs. This angle directs light efficiently across the intended area, balancing coverage and intensity to meet roadway lighting standards. By our engineer's optical design, maximises light output and minimizes glare, ensuring the effective use of the LED's luminous efficacy. This improves overall energy efficiency and reduces light pollution.

3. Compatibility with Seoul 3030 LEDs

Specific Design Requirements: Customized to fit the Seoul 3030 LED modules precisely, ensuring optimal alignment and thermal management. This compatibility enhances performance and longevity by maintaining thermal stability and minimizing light degradation.

4. Material Selection and Durability

Typically made from optical grade materials such as polycarbonate or acrylic, chosen for their durability, UV resistance, and ability to withstand outdoor conditions.

5. Performance and Regulatory Compliance

Utilizing photometric simulations and data to verify light distribution and intensity, ensuring compliance with lighting standards and regulations for street lighting.

Come to Brightlx, tailoring the LED lens design to your project LED type enhances lighting efficiency, uniformity, and visibility on roadways, improving safety and reducing energy consumption. Email us at

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