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What is Mold Flow Analysis?

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Mold flow analysis (MFA) software simulates the flow of plastic, which allows you to elevate part and mold design to create products of impeccable quality. MFA gives you a virtual sneak peek into how your material of choice will fill the mold's cavities and offers a heads-up on potential problem spots.

When Should Mold Flow Analysis Be Used?

MFA is conducted before tooling production launches. Using a selected gate location and material properties, the software can predict how the part will fill during molding. Different data points, including pressure, fill time and melt temperature, can be assessed. Doing so allows for optimization of the process before tool manufacturing ever begins, leading to cost-effective manufacturing processes and high-quality end products.

Is Analysis Necessary for Every Application?

While mold flow analysis offers significant benefits for many applications in designing and manufacturing plastic components, it may not be necessary for every application. Whether mold flow analysis is required depends on various factors, including the complexity of the part, quality requirements, production volume, and available resources.

There are multiple benefits to MFA:

  • Optimized Gate and Runner Design

  • Material Selection and Compatibility

  • Enhanced Process Efficiency

  • Resolution of wall thickness complication

  • Mold cavities fill consistently and uniformly

  • Prevent expensive tooling errors and rework

  • Reduce time to market

  • Reveals potential visual defects, including air traps, sink marks and weld lines

At Brightlx, we can offer design 3D work on Solickwords or PRO / Engineer AUTO-CAD, and do the design for manufacture(DFM). LED lens production mold designs are supported by MoldFlow analyses to verify the expected process performance and optimize the tool construction for reliable product mass manufacture.

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