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Employing Diverse Tonnage Injection Molding Machines for A Variety of Lenses.

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Hello, everyone, we are thrilled to introduce how we use diverse tonnage injection moulding machines for a variety of LED lenses in Brightlx Optical Limited.

80T Injection Molding Machine:

Ideal for small-sized lens production with limited capacity. Primarily used for small-scale or sample manufacturing, suitable for projects with lower precision requirements.

120T Injection Molding Machine:

Offers moderate production capacity, perfect for medium to small-sized lens production. Capable of handling somewhat complex lens structures, providing higher clamping force.

180T Injection Molding Machine:

Ideal for medium-scale lens production, ensuring high dimensions and precise injection molding. May feature automated controls for enhanced efficiency.

260T Injection Molding Machine:

Designed for larger and heavier lenses, offering increased clamping force. Commonly used in the production of medium to large industrial lenses.

320T Injection Molding Machine:

High-tonnage machine for high-volume production of large lenses. Equipped with powerful clamping force and injection pressure, suitable for complex structures and larger lens sizes.

480T Injection Molding Machine:

Tailored for manufacturing large and heavy lenses, providing significant clamping force and pressure. Ideal for high-precision, industrial-grade lens production.

The Brightlx team offers the best solution first, and selects the appropriate tonnage of injection moulding machines based on the specific LED lens design, size, and production requirements.

Your OEM and ODM projects of LED lenses are welcomed! We have rich experience and a strong R&D team to support you. Thanks!


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